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Spin Doctor using Lowe's resources

Aloha Fall!!!

I have been a subscriber and a reader to the Lowe's e-newsletters.

I have found them to be a very valuable resource.

And by value I mean coupons and ways to save money and spruce up your home all at the same time. This below newsletter link named A style all your own is just that.

This newletter describes ways to make your home attractive while on a budget, using special and surprising touches to peak the buyers interest. These ideas will not only make your home better but more functional for you while you are in transition. These articles give you selling tips and processes to make your home ready to be placed on the market. However, these ideas are also a good thing to keep in mind if you are a buyer. If you are a buyer and looking at a home that is not to pleasing keep in mind that a new coat of paint in the color you find desirable with some new curtains and finishing accessories makes all the difference. The dull bor…