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Spring Remodeling Projects for Homeowners

Aloha! Its almost March and time for homeowners to tackle Kitchen remodeling projects!

Below is a link to an article about how a homeowner can update their kitchen (or bathroom) by painting the walls, resurfacing the cabinets and adding a nice backsplash to keep the budget down.
Keep in mind that just by updating your home with a nice neutral paint color, adding some new knobs and hinges to resurfaced cabinets and a natural stone or glass backsplash you will bring your property into the current style trend and add value to your home that you are wanting to sell or just bought.

I am getting ready to update my bathrooms this spring with recycled granite countertops, new vessel sinks, new faucets, refinish my current cabinets, switch out the lighting fixtures and add some new rugs.

So, today lets write an offer, list your home and get you started on your remodeling projects!

Spin Doctor using Lowe's resources

Aloha Fall!!!

I have been a subscriber and a reader to the Lowe's e-newsletters.

I have found them to be a very valuable resource.

And by value I mean coupons and ways to save money and spruce up your home all at the same time. This below newsletter link named A style all your own is just that.

This newletter describes ways to make your home attractive while on a budget, using special and surprising touches to peak the buyers interest. These ideas will not only make your home better but more functional for you while you are in transition. These articles give you selling tips and processes to make your home ready to be placed on the market. However, these ideas are also a good thing to keep in mind if you are a buyer. If you are a buyer and looking at a home that is not to pleasing keep in mind that a new coat of paint in the color you find desirable with some new curtains and finishing accessories makes all the difference. The dull bor…

10 tips to improve your homes appeal

Aloha everyone!
LOWES sent me this link to the article below and I thought this would be great to pass onto you the buyer or seller of a home.
If you are the seller/owner these ideas may help you sell your property.
If you are the buyer these ideas may help make the house you are buying feel like your home.

I would love to represent you and be your agent on any and all of your transactions!
Contact me today and we can get your paperwork started!

For Your Clients: 10 Low-Cost Tips to Improve Your Home's Appeal

By Paige TeppingRISMEDIA, September 4, 2010--When selling your home, the goal is to sell it quickly for the highest price while investing as little as possible in renovations. With a limited budget and a little effort, you can greatly increase your home's appeal by focusing on what prospective buyers can see on their first visit. The experts at offer the following recommendations for preparing a house for sale and staging it for showings.

Tip #1: Refresh the exterior…

14,000 Things to be happy about.

Aloha everyone! I am reading a new book this week it is called 14,000 things to be happy about.
Thought this would be a great topic to research with this recession that we are in.
Just to name a few on this huge list a few of my favorites that I have read so far are;
little feet in the sand, sand doons, sipping a passion punch, porch sitting, showing a dog,
artists, ceramic beads, lazy evenings, color schemes, jugs of fruits, floating flower candles,disco dancing, bamboo chairs, and mango chutney.

In the Real Estate market buying a home right now is something to be happy about.
Interest rates and prices on homes are low.
Its a great time to buy!

In the Rental Market I have 3 fabulous properties ready to be moved into.
Take a look at their postings. Maybe you or someone you know needs to rent.

Call me, Lets get started today!
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Feng shui Do's for the Homeowners

Aloha Friday All!

I am back onto the Feng Shui subject from my 4-30-09 posting.
I have been reading up on the practice and realized that I am practing Feng Shui I didn't really know it.
I wanted natural elements in my environment, so I hung up some wind chimes.
I purchased a fireplace DVD for a visual warmth cozy feeling on a cold Hawaii evening.
I installed a Koi pond (that washed up on my beach) added some fish and pond plants.
I painted my walls special colors, added curtains to block the negative images.
Hung up mirrors to reflect light.
Burned candles and incense for nice aromas.
Added a flower garden with a Jade Buddah outside my Lanai doors.
Organized clutter and paperwork and simplified my life by recycling things that I had no need for anymore. And the list goes on and on and on.

I am willing to try more Feng Shui techinques when the situation calls for it.
These might be some great ideas for you the homeowner when getting ready to list your home.
These are also some great idea…