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Humidity and your Home

Aloha Friday!

Winter weather has arrived in Hawaii.
We are now getting cooler nights and needing socks and a blanket some nights.
I was reading this article below about Humidity and your Home and wanted to pass this onto you.
Mold is a big issue in Hawaii and something that a potential buyer will be looking for when previewing your home.
Are you ready to buy or sell a property?
Lets get started today!

Mahalo and Aloha


Healthy Humidity and Your Home
By Chris KaucnikPrint Article
RISMEDIA, February 24, 2009-Winter generally brings very low humidity to our homes and the extreme dryness can cause health and other problems. Here, we discuss some ideas on how to combat both low and high humidity in your home.
We feel the most comfortable when our home’s humidity level is between 35-50%. Keeping your home at the correct humidity level will also save you energy and reduce maintenance. Too little humidity and you can have chapped skin and lips, scratchy throats and noses, static and even prob…

Contractors apples and or oranges


Contractors Apples and or Oranges this is the big question.
My husband is a General Contractor and does many quotes for many homeowners.
His biggest issue he has is multiple bids from multiple Contractors.
How to compare?
The homeowners he has worked with lack all or some of the 3 questions below.

The Homeowner must have;
1. A detailed list of what they want
2. What materials they want to use ?
3. Who is paying for what ?

BEFORE the homeowner starts the bid process.
This is the only way that the homeowner can make an educated decision when comparing one Contractor to another.

The homeowner cannot add on "extras" or change the materials list to the original detailed list and get a good comp because now it is not comparing apples to apples it is now apples to oranges.

This article below has lots of information for you the homeowner or potential homeowner to read and think about before you are ready to start a project.

Are you ready to be a homeowner or ready to sell and buy anoth…