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10 Easy Ways to Become a Green Homeowner


Save Money and Energy, RRR, Go Green, reduce your carbon footprint, etc.... These are the new catchphrases that everyone is buzzzzzzzzzing about!

I have recently turned off my hot water heater and only use the solar heat that my house makes, only use cold water for my washing machine, I don't use papertowels, I hang up some laundry when I can, I recycle everything that I can, sell things I don't need or want, or donate to charities. I have changed out all of my lightbulbs, and have added motion sensors, and solar outside lights. I have planted so many plants around my property including some fruits and vegggies. I don't use my upright freezer so I turned it off and now use it for storage! I now only buy the food that I will be using that month or so. I car pool, sometimes use the bus, or walk. These are just some of the ways that I am a green homeowner.
Below is an article all about the above.
These are great tips that you can use as a new homeowner to save a lo…

Home energy Q and A – Daylighting Your Home

Aloha Friday!

With the fall and Winter Blah's and Blue's rapidly approaching thought you might like this article to get a jump start on adding a little light into your home and life.
These are also good techniques when trying to sell your property. No one likes to walk into a dark cave like feel of a house or room, it makes the property feel outdated and gloomy, not a happy place to hang your hat. If you are looking at purchasing a home just think with a few of these little suggestions you could buy a property and make it "shine" relatively easy.

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Home energy Q&A – Daylighting Your Home
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By Ken Sheinkopf
RISMEDIA, February 23, 2009-(MCT)-Q: Even though we’re nearing spring, the winter is still making me miserable. The days get dark so early and the overcast, stormy skies outdoors really make me unhappy. I know this is a psychological problem that many people get,…

Strategies to Help Homeowners Maximize Real Estate Value and Sales Price

Aloha, Fall is here!
Many people are buying and selling there homes right now and here are a few strategies that I wanted to pass onto you in this article below. I think pricing, in my opinion, is very important.
You not only need the right buyer but it has to be the right price.
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Strategies to Help Homeowners Maximize Real Estate Value and Sales Price
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RISMEDIA, March 4, 2009-For home owners contemplating selling their homes in the current market,, a leading online consumer resource for moving services, offers several tips to help sellers maximize the final sale price, get the home sold quickly and move on to their new home. While many factors come into play with finding the right buyer at the right time, there are many things sellers can do to help put the odds in their favor.
“Despite the tough economic times, people who want to sell their homes don’t have to wave a white fla…