14,000 Things to be happy about.

Aloha everyone! I am reading a new book this week it is called 14,000 things to be happy about.
Thought this would be a great topic to research with this recession that we are in.
Just to name a few on this huge list a few of my favorites that I have read so far are;
little feet in the sand, sand doons, sipping a passion punch, porch sitting, showing a dog,
artists, ceramic beads, lazy evenings, color schemes, jugs of fruits, floating flower candles,disco dancing, bamboo chairs, and mango chutney.

In the Real Estate market buying a home right now is something to be happy about.
Interest rates and prices on homes are low.
Its a great time to buy!

In the Rental Market I have 3 fabulous properties ready to be moved into.
Take a look at their postings. Maybe you or someone you know needs to rent.

Call me, Lets get started today!
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