Feng shui Do's for the Homeowners

Aloha Friday All!

I am back onto the Feng Shui subject from my 4-30-09 posting.
I have been reading up on the practice and realized that I am practing Feng Shui I didn't really know it.
I wanted natural elements in my environment, so I hung up some wind chimes.
I purchased a fireplace DVD for a visual warmth cozy feeling on a cold Hawaii evening.
I installed a Koi pond (that washed up on my beach) added some fish and pond plants.
I painted my walls special colors, added curtains to block the negative images.
Hung up mirrors to reflect light.
Burned candles and incense for nice aromas.
Added a flower garden with a Jade Buddah outside my Lanai doors.
Organized clutter and paperwork and simplified my life by recycling things that I had no need for anymore. And the list goes on and on and on.

I am willing to try more Feng Shui techinques when the situation calls for it.
These might be some great ideas for you the homeowner when getting ready to list your home.
These are also some great ideas for a future homeowner when looking at properties. By adding just a little Feng Shui into your life it may give you much, happiness, harmony, peace, wealth, fortune, fate, energy, balance and a lot more of positives, by the use of fire, earth, metal, water and wood into your home.

If you are wanting to buy or sell a home lets get started today!
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